Click on a link below to begin the process of IBM assisting you with a media solution for your ministry. Remember we have a few simple rules:

  1. You must be Independent Baptist,
  2. You must use only the King James Version of the Bible, &
  3. You must be in good standing with your local church.

So let's get this process started by clicking on the link below that best represents your needs.

IBM works to spread the Gospel message around the globe through Christian radio stations that are ministries of their respective local independent Baptist churches. These radio stations air quality music, preaching, teaching, news, information, & Christian commmentary. Many listeners have become Christians because of these Christian radio stations around the world.

Many times the sound in our sanctuaries is less than adequate. Independent Baptist Media seeks to help churches communicate their message better each and every week by installing high quality components and then providing the necessary training and tech support. IBM has helped with church sound systems from coast to coast and is glad to work on a love offering basis. 
Independent Baptist Media helps churches and missionaries in many different ways in the area of video. First, IBM is pleased to assist missionaries with deputation/furlough DVD presentations. Second, video capture is also an area that IBM helps local churches with. Churches have different needs when it comes to recording the services. IBM helps the Pastor & staff members  to accomplish their goals by making the video appear crystal clear wherever & whenever they need it. From DVD's, & the web, to nursries, & welcome centers, IBM gets the job done! Third, IBM assists churches with video projection in auditoriums and in other areas of their facilities.

Many churches have found IBM a cost effective alternative to high end secular graphic design firms. As always, the labor is done by missionaries, so it can really make the project more affordable. An added benefit is that the philosophy of your church is the philosophy of the designers. It's Independent Baptists designing for other Independent Baptists! This saves a lot of headaches in the design process. IBM has worked with churches on a number of projects:

  • Banners
  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Tracts
  • Prayer Cards
  • Flyers

How much does it cost?

We get this question a lot! Remember we are missionaries! So, first off each of our team members could use the support of your local church. Our work helps to get the Gospel into the hearing of millions, so dollar for dollar your support of IBM missionaries is a great eternal investment of the Lord's money. Each family is what you would call under-supported. By that we simply mean that each missionary family does not have enough income to fund their travel and expenses to and from churches independent of a love offering. So we have made this simple list of suggested amounts that will help our team members to stay afloat while still saving your ministry thousands!!