About IBM

From a simple idea to a global ministry God has blessed Independent Baptist Media from day one! In 1999 Gene Sharp and his family moved to Papua New Guinea to assist Missionary Brad Wells. The project was to last about a year and the goal was to install that nation's first Christian radio station. Bible FM signed on the air in the year 2000 and is still preaching the Gospel today! Since then, God has continued to open doors of opportunity for the Sharp family. Sensing the leading of the Lord, the Sharps began depuatation to become "radio planting missionaries" to help others start Christian radio stations on their respective fields of service. Despite the critics opinions, God was in this plan! Opportunity after opportunity for Christian radio came along, and God's provision was there every step of the way. Now, three families are laboring full time with IBM, and we have seen the Gospel go forward on radio stations around the world. To God be the glory! Over the years IBM has branched out to help local Independent Baptist Churches in other areas too. Not only can churches and missionaries call on IBM for radio, but also audio, video, & graphics. Basically, if it involves technology that preaches theology, then IBM is right there assisting and leading the way. Independent Baptist Media is a local church ministry. Every IBM missionary technician is sent by their home church to carry the Gospel around the earth through technological means. IBM's missionaries assist Pastors and Missionaries in planting and growing local Independent Baptist Churches.


Our Faith

Independent Baptist Media is distinctively local church. Each missionary is sent by their local church and directly under the authority of their pastor. As such, a specific doctrinal statement of each of our home churches is available on their website. But for your general information we have a summary of core beliefs held by the IBM team below.
- IBM Statement of Faith